12 things you might not know about Robbie Williams

12 things you might not know about Robbie Williams

Let him entertain you!

On November 26th 2016 we have a tribute act called Mike Andrews entertaining us for the evening with a host of Robbie Classics. Mike looks and sounds very similar to the real Robbie so if you would like to come along for a meal and some Robbie entertainment, then contact us to reserve places.

In the meantime, do our Robbie Fans know:

  1. Robbie Williams has his Mum to thank for his early success – she saw an advertisement looking for members of a new boy band and suggested he went along to try when he was just 16 years old – he was famously the youngest member of Take That.
  2. Robbie’s dad Pete was a comedian and singer who was entertainments manager at Carmarthen Bay Holiday Village in Kidwelly for four seasons. It’s no surprise Robbie went into showbiz!
  3. Better known at school as a joker than for his academic prowess, Robbie left at 16 and got a job as a double glazing salesman with his friend Lee, but the star didn’t stay in the job long, he auditioned for Take That after his mother, who knew the ‘Angels’ star had a strong and promising voice, noticed an article in the newspaper.
  4.  Robbie has a strong interest in UFOs, developing a strong interest during his break from music in 2007. He appeared in a radio documentary about extra terrestrials and has claimed to have seen three UFOs during his lifetime.Robbie Williams is 6ft tall, which makes him the third tallest member of Take That behind Howard Donald and Jason Orange.
  5. He holds a world record for selling 1.6million tickets to his Close Encounters tour in one day. His name is in the Guinness Book Of World Records.
  6. In 1995 he had a cameo in EastEnders – he appeared using the phone in the Queen Vic.
  7. He doesn’t have a driver’s licence despite being 41.
  8. He once dated Cameron Diaz.
  9. After getting back together with the band in 2010 Robbie missed performing with Take That at the Olympics closing ceremony because his wife had their baby.
  10. He used to smoke up to 60 cigarettes a day before quittng in 2009.
  11. One thing Robbie has become well known for is his body art. Among his numerous tattoos are the sheet music to the chorus of The Beatles hit ‘All You Need Is Love’ on his back, Take That’s official logo on his wrist and the slogan ‘Born To Be Mild’ on his arm. He also has an ‘A’ inked on his ring finger, in place of the wedding ring which he reportedly can’t stop losing.

And here are two clips, firstly the Real Robbie in concert and secondly our Robbie tribute in action. Enjoy.


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