What can I gain from buying at the Pro Shop?

What can I gain from buying at the Pro Shop?

Pro Shop Myths Exploded

With the advent of the internet, Pro Shop sales of golfing hardware and clothing has seriously declined. While the brands go from strength to strength the individuals in the business have found it harder to make a living. Bigger brands demand large minimum orders and they are forced to include goods that don’t sell as well. Those brands may well then bring out a new product, leaving the shop with redundant stock.

So why run pro shop? Can the shop and experienced staff add anything to the buying experience of golfers and is it worth the extra money you pay?

We asked Gavin Butcher, owner and manager of Forest Golf Ltd who runs the pro shop at Forest Hills Golf Club in Gloucestershire.


What is the point of a Pro Shop stocking a wide range of goods and services when everything is available for a click and a £3.00 delivery charge? Why would anyone shop there?

Having the help and advice from someone you trust is one of the main reason many golfers buy from their pro shops rather than online, Regardless of the price golfers still require equipment that is best suited to them and will benefit their game.

Why is everything cheaper on the internet?

Is it cheaper? Many products being sold online at discounted prices are often last year’s equipment. Comparing the latest products and prices you will find that your pro shop will be more than competitive. If it seems too good to be true…It generally is!!

Do you REALLY find people have bought fake goods online then come to you to get them repaired?

It is happening more and more frequently and the quality of the fake clubs are improving all the time putting more emphasis on purchasing from a trusted retailer.

Are there 3 over-riding reasons why I should buy clubs from you, a man of experience and not a cheap retailer or online store?

  • The clubs will be fitted to you personally and not off the shelf
  • We only sell genuine products not cheap fakes
  • We are here for every game you play if you ever have any problems with the products purchased.

What exactly does your experience add?

15 years experience in the industry has been invaluable. 10 years on the high street and 5 years in a local pro shop has allowed me to see both sides of the golf industry. Seeing the members every week and even playing rounds of golf with them has given me the opportunity to offer them better advice on everything from purchasing new clubs to wearing the right shoe!

If you have any questions on this topic for Gavin, please leave a comment.