Golf Open Competitions: Our Survey results.

Golf Open Competitions: Our Survey results.

At this time of year we get inundated with details about Open Competitions from golf clubs far and wide but how do golfers choose which ones to play?

We asked golfers to complete a Speedy Survey about Golf Open competitions. Over 100 people replied

We asked you to rank various reasons you would choose a golf competition.

The most popular reason for joining an open competition was that it is a good way of enjoying a golf day at a reasonable price

This was closely followed by Course reasons – with ‘it’s on a Course I would like to try’ or ‘a Course I enjoy playing’ ranking second and third. Not many of us play because our playing partners choose or because the prizes are good, (7% ranked one of these as the main reason).

We also asked for any other reasons and we had some great responses:

Course Proximity to home, a Sociable way to play with friends and meet new golfers and having a charity element.

Some golfers reciprocate by playing in Opens of their team opponents or for clubs who support each other’s open competitions and some feel the competition makes them play better.

A couple of respondents pointed out that Courses are often in tip top condition for their open competitions and that makes them more enjoyable to play.

But some golfers never play, why not? By far the most popular answer was that they didn’t feel their golf was good enough and others didn’t feel the need to put themselves under the pressure of a competition when they just wanted a fun round with friends.

Some felt it was too expensive and others had work commitments.

In conclusion! At Forest Hills we do try and get the Course to play at its best for our Open competitions, we do try and make it a reasonably priced day and our guests often come back regularly because it’s fun! Our Pro could also help those with a lack of confidence improve and perhaps enjoy a competitive day on the Course themselves.

We wish you a happy 2015 golfing season!

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