10 reasons to make ‘Take Up Golf’ your New Year’s resolution

10 reasons to make ‘Take Up Golf’ your New Year’s resolution

Another New Year dawns so quickly and another time to think of doing something new.

Here are our 10 reasons why taking up golf this year is a great idea!

  • You can take it up at any age: If you are aged 5 or 85 you can still take up golf. You’ll probably become a better player the younger you start but it could be argued that the social and health benefits are more noticeable if you are older.


  • Golf is competitive and keeps your interest. You don’t have to take part in competitions but people don’t get less competitive as they get older. Golf means you can still beat your best mate (perhaps only on his/her off day..)


  • You don’t need to play with people who are the same standard as you to have an enjoyable and competitive game. The golf handicap system means that players of all levels can play against each other and still have a meaningful competition. Unlike Tennis where you need to be a similar standard or Football where you need to get into a team, you can play with professionals or beginners. This means you can play with the other members of your family (although you know the kids will beat you in no time)


  • Golf involves being in the healthy outdoors, possibly all year round, and golfers live longer. OK it’s less healthy if you drive a buggy round all the time but the air is still fresh and you are out and about and enjoying your surroundings. And studies have shown that on average, golfers live longer. If you’re going to live longer you definitely need good health!


  • Once you have a set of golf clubs, shoes and are a member of a golf club then you can go out as often as you like with almost no extra cost. Your friends can come and play more cheaply and even the drinks are discounted. Adult Membership at Forest Hills starts from £19 per month and even full membership is just £52 per month. It’s even cheaper if you’re younger. (prices at 1st January 2018). You might need to buy the drinks when you get a hole in 1 though, so watch out for that!


  • Golf is Sociable. You can try and have a conversation with your mate when playing a game of squash but it’s not so easy. With golf you have hours of ambling along the fairways (possibly along the rough) to chat. Then there are team matches and competitions to meet new people, and the golf club social evenings and gala dinners.


  • You can play golf all around the world and although local rules differ, the basic game will be the one you know and love. And often, if you ask in the Professionals shop, they’ll find you a playing partner.


  • Even if you don’t like playing in competitions then you can challenge yourself against the Course. The golf ‘par’ system means you can tell if you’ve had the round of your life or the one you’d rather forget. You can also tell by the amount of sand on your wedge.


  • It’s easy to learn but difficult to master. There are beginner and improver groups or you can take beginners lessons. You can learn as a family or with your friends or on your own. Lessons are flexible and fun. You will hit some great shots – it’s putting them all together on the Golf Course that is a challenge.


  • You’ll know how exciting it is when you watch it on the telly! Yes, if it’s chucking it down outside you will be able to watch the great tournaments and know what a par and bogey is as well as marvel how far professionals drive the ball and how on earth they get out of those bunkers and close to the hole! And as for the excitement of the Ryder cup – enough said!