10 tips to make the most from Winter Golf

10 tips to make the most from Winter Golf

Getting the most from your Winter Golf.

Chip on

We asked the experts at Forest Hills Golf Club for 2 tips each to make sure we can enjoy our golf for a full 12 months. These are their suggestions:

Golf Professional Sue Bamford:

  1. The golf course plays longer in the winter than the summer – everyone knows this. The ball flies a shorter distance in cold or damp air, and there is very little roll on the ball.  Make sure you change your club selection accordingly. You may need a 6 iron where in the summer you might be using an 8 or a 9 iron.  Many golfers often come up short in the winter.  Try taking one club more than you think and see how good it feels to be up to – or past the hole!
  1. Winter is a great time to work on your golf and improve your swing without the pressure of competitions or matches. Consider having some lessons so that you are working on your game in the most effective way.  The range is open when bad weather or the dark evenings will keep you off the golf course.  The range is also the best place to work on any swing changes.  Practice on the range and keep the technicalities to a minimum on the golf course!  Video lessons can be useful too.

Course Manager, Paul:

  1. Make the most of winter rules, you can pick up the ball and clean it (having marked the ball position first) and take preferred lies on the fairway, so as long as you’ve not landed in the rough.
  1. Help the Course recover faster come spring and stop the slither down slopes by using winter wheels. These Hedgehog wheels have more grip, have less contact with the grass, and can be fitted to most trolleys

Pro Shop Manager, Gavin:

5. Keep a towel in your golf bag to wipe dry your clubs and hands to aid grip and carry extra all weather gloves to wear when they get wet. Also, ensure you have replaced your worn golf shoe spikes with new ones to help with traction.

  1. Layer up for maximum warmth: Golf clothing manufacturers know what they’re doing. Golf for many is an all year round sport and we recommend an underlayer, then shirt and jumper on top with waterproof coat. Windproof Jumpers are a godsend. Hats and mitts really show their quality when the weather is cold.

Club House Manager, Jean:

  1. If the conditions are cold, consider playing 9 holes. You can get your practise in and quota of fresh air without overdoing it.
  1. Rather than taking a nip of something alcoholic, keep going with hot drinks. Warming soup half way round and hot meal afterwards will make you feel great after a chilly round and you can catch up with golfing friends in the warmth of the clubhouse.

Club Proprietor, Ed:

  1. Golf is supposed to be enjoyable, not an endurance event so call and change your tee time if the weather is really bad or call to check the weather before setting out. Sometimes the weather is far better than forecast and you will get the Golf Course to yourself!
  1. Take advantage of off-season offers to play some different courses. Rates reduce as clubs are keen for visitors to come and play. Make sure the Course you visit is suitable for winter though and you won’t be wading about in the mud. Check the websites of your favourite courses for the best deals and current conditions.

Forest Hills Golf Club, Gloucestershire:

Book lessons with Sue Bamford, Forest Hills Golf Pro via the Pro Shop on 01594 810823 or email her on sue@foresthillsgolfclub.co.uk

Golf Equipment and clothing can be purchased from Gavin in the Forest Hills Golf Shop. He has a price match guarantee and an online store at www.forestgolfonline.co.uk

Tee times and Golf/Meal packages can be booked via the golf shop on 01594 810823 or by email: enquiries@foresthillsgolfclub.co.uk

Special Offers are sent out via email to our Golf Offers list. Sign up via the website: www.foresthillsgolfclub.co.uk/golfspecialoffers

Any queries to enquiries@foresthillsgolfclub.co.uk

Forest Hills Golf Club
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12 things you might not know about Robbie Williams

12 things you might not know about Robbie Williams

Let him entertain you!

On November 26th 2016 we have a tribute act called Mike Andrews entertaining us for the evening with a host of Robbie Classics. Mike looks and sounds very similar to the real Robbie so if you would like to come along for a meal and some Robbie entertainment, then contact us to reserve places.

In the meantime, do our Robbie Fans know:

  1. Robbie Williams has his Mum to thank for his early success – she saw an advertisement looking for members of a new boy band and suggested he went along to try when he was just 16 years old – he was famously the youngest member of Take That.
  2. Robbie’s dad Pete was a comedian and singer who was entertainments manager at Carmarthen Bay Holiday Village in Kidwelly for four seasons. It’s no surprise Robbie went into showbiz!
  3. Better known at school as a joker than for his academic prowess, Robbie left at 16 and got a job as a double glazing salesman with his friend Lee, but the star didn’t stay in the job long, he auditioned for Take That after his mother, who knew the ‘Angels’ star had a strong and promising voice, noticed an article in the newspaper.
  4.  Robbie has a strong interest in UFOs, developing a strong interest during his break from music in 2007. He appeared in a radio documentary about extra terrestrials and has claimed to have seen three UFOs during his lifetime.Robbie Williams is 6ft tall, which makes him the third tallest member of Take That behind Howard Donald and Jason Orange.
  5. He holds a world record for selling 1.6million tickets to his Close Encounters tour in one day. His name is in the Guinness Book Of World Records.
  6. In 1995 he had a cameo in EastEnders – he appeared using the phone in the Queen Vic.
  7. He doesn’t have a driver’s licence despite being 41.
  8. He once dated Cameron Diaz.
  9. After getting back together with the band in 2010 Robbie missed performing with Take That at the Olympics closing ceremony because his wife had their baby.
  10. He used to smoke up to 60 cigarettes a day before quittng in 2009.
  11. One thing Robbie has become well known for is his body art. Among his numerous tattoos are the sheet music to the chorus of The Beatles hit ‘All You Need Is Love’ on his back, Take That’s official logo on his wrist and the slogan ‘Born To Be Mild’ on his arm. He also has an ‘A’ inked on his ring finger, in place of the wedding ring which he reportedly can’t stop losing.

And here are two clips, firstly the Real Robbie in concert and secondly our Robbie tribute in action. Enjoy.


Sources: capitalfm.com, celebzen.co.uk, boomsbeat.com, digitalspy.com, stokesentinel.co.uk

‘And Thanks to the Greens Staff’

‘And Thanks to the Greens Staff’

We only have a small team of greenkeepers here at Forest Hills but they punch way above their weight when it comes to the condition of the course. Our hard working team, seen here mowing the fairways and greens, have had extra mowing this year as the sunshine and showers has been ideal grass growing conditions.

New signage and some super new machinery should make the tees easier to find and the greens faster.

The feedback we receive cites the course and friendliness of the staff as the 2 top things visitors notice, so they must be doing something right. In the speeches at the end of a long golf day, when the sentence is heard ‘and we’d like to thank the greenkeepers’ we know it’s well deserved.

If you’d like to read our ‘myths exploded’ blog post entitled ‘Why do they always mow in front of us’ click here.

A glimpse of the Driving Range

In February Forest Hills Golf Club took over the management of the Driving range opposite. Renamed the ‘Forest Driving range’ it has 20 covered bays, floodlights and easy parking.

Now the Driving Range is not the most scenic area to photograph, but Kathryn (from Capture this moment Photography),  did her best and luckily 2 handsome golfers arrived to brighten up the pictures!

The driving range is open daily from 10am-10pm. It takes coins and a standard bucket of 45 balls is £3 while 100 balls are £6. Range cards are available from Forest Hills Golf Club Pro Shop. £3 will get you 50 balls and you won’t need a pocket full of coins.

The range is open to all golfers, not just Forest Hills Golf Club members.

February Pictures

February Pictures

At the end of a wet winter one of the things you won’t see is standing water (apart from the ponds of course!) The trees might be bare still for a month or two yet but the Course is still enjoyable in the February sunlight. Just wrap up warm. We’ve yet to see if the winter wheels policy helps the course improve more quickly come the spring but spring is most definitely around the corner.

This is the last of our monthly picture blog series, a whole year has gone by since we started. A new blog series will be arriving with the new golf season.

We look forward to seeing you on the Course.

January -a Frosty start

January -a Frosty start

Rain interspersed with frost. Hmmm. While surrounding courses are still waterlogged, Forest Hills holds up well. You need to book a tee time though, the days are short and everyone needs to be out in the fresh air getting some exercise. No buggies and trolleys only with Winter wheels are the order of the day.

Our photographer caught our regular Saturday golfers on a frosty morning. There were so many wonderful pictures it was hard to narrow them down.


Our photographer is Kathryn from Capture this Moment photography.